Build Your Own Autonomous NERF® Blaster: Programming Mayhem with Processing and Arduino

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Grab your blaster and get ready to rock. The book will help you DIY a plain-Jane foam dart toy into a face-recognizing, Arduino-fueled sentry blaster!


PROTECT YOUR NOODLE We’re all for having a good time, but injuries and accidents are zero fun. If you’re not sure what you’re doing, please stop soldering, drilling or whatever it is you’re doing — especially if there’s any chance you’ll get injured. Be safe, hackers. SOLDER SAFELY Have five fingers on each hand? Keep in that way. NO POWER TRIPS Not a trained electrician? Skip the power play. PLAY NICE Use your superpowers for good, fellow computing citizen. BE HONORABLE Don’t disassemble your little brother’s favorite blaster. SHARE Mistake in the book? Have a better idea? Spill it here.