Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about the book or one of the project builds? You’re probably not the only one. Here are some questions that we answer so much we realized they need to be shared.

How much does it cost to build the blaster?First, have you bought the book? If so, you won’t have to dig too deep into your pocket. Have some of the parts already lying around and you’ll spend even less. Most tinkerers spend somewhere between $50-$150 on everything. That’s affordable when you consider this may launch your lucrative career in tech or IT.

Why didn’t you mod <insert blaster name here> doing <insert hack here>?You’re right. There are millions of ways to do this project. This is the way I did it. If you have a better way, by all means try it and then share it here. We like to hear about what works or doesn’t work so well so we can share it with tinkerers everywhere.

Can you substitute parts?Absolutely and, in fact, we’d encourage you to try. This book is a guide. If you come up with better parts, let us know. We’ll give you a big ol' hat tip!